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Social Studies K Outcomes

Interactions and Interdependence (IN)

Demonstrate an understanding of similarities and differences among individuals in the classroom.
Describe the diversity of groups represented in the classroom.

Dynamic Relationships (DR)

Describe the spatial relationships among people, places, and environments.
Explore examples of promises made through actions and words, and why it is important to keep promises.
Analyze ways in which place and physical systems influence daily life, including the influence of place on the daily life of First Nations and Métis people.

Power and Authority (PA)

Understand and respect the agreed-upon rules of the classroom, playground, and school, and recognize that rules and expectations are designed to promote a state of safety, self-regulation, peace, balance, and harmony.
Recognize situations in which disagreement may be part of living, studying, and working together, and that resolution may be an avenue to progress to a state of peace, balance, and harmony.

Resources and Wealth (RW)

Examine ways of managing tasks and resources in families and schools.
Develop and demonstrate stewardship of the environment in daily actions, in an effort to promote balance and harmony.

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