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Outcome: PS20-CE1

Analyze and explore physical science related occupations in Saskatchewan, Canada and the world. [CP, DM]

  1. Generate a list of occupations that require a background in physical science through research and/or participation in events such as a career fair or job shadow. (K, S)
  2. Explore connection between topics in Physical Science 20 and occupations of personal interest. (S, A, STSE)
  3. Identify which physical science related occupations are facing shortages and which are oversubscribed locally, regionally and/or nationally. (STSE, S, K, A)
  4. Examine the roles, responsibilities, educational qualifications and personal and professional qualities common to people involved in physical-science related jobs. (S, A)
  5. Reflect upon personal suitability or non-suitability for a specific physical-science related occupation considering criteria such as:
    • initial and continuing educational requirements;
    • duties and skills required for this occupation;
    • the work environment, including typical hours and shifts worked and typical locations;
    • current wages received in Saskatchewan and how these compare to the rest of Canada;
    • physical, mental and emotional stresses related to this occupation;
    • workplace hazards and safety considerations;
    • other occupations with which they interact;
    • professional and/or licensing requirements in Canada and Saskatchewan; and
    • future trends impacting the occupation. (K, S, A, STSE)
  6. Interview or connect with others to discuss physical science related occupations. (K, S, A)
  7. Communicate research findings related to physical science occupations through a display, brochure, video, presentation software, website or orally. (K, S, A, STSE)
  8. Develop a plan to attain your dream job in the physical science field. (S, A)
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