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Practical and Applied Arts 7-9

Guidelines for Middle Level Survey Courses

Students entering grade seven will be required to take at least three Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) survey courses before completing grade nine. Students in grades 7-9 may use Christian Ethics courses to fulfill two of the three PAA survey courses requirements

  • Only modules from PAA curricula can be used in PAA survey courses. Modules must be used from three different curricula.
  • Some modules have prerequisites that must be met.
  • Career development modules are core in all PAA curricula. Often Middle Level survey courses include career development module.
  • Appropriate safety concepts should be integrated throughout survey courses.
  • Recordkeeping is essential to avoid repetition of modules at other grade levels, to assist with the transfer of information when a student changes schools, and to support post-secondary program articulation, Recordkeeping templates for teachers are included in the PAA curriculum guides. Electronic recordkeeping of modules is done through the Student Data System. In addition to individual records, school should keep a central record of the modules that have been taught.
  • Each course must be a minimum of 50 hours.
  • There should be a balance of subject area perspectives included in Middle Level PAA courses.
  • Modules for suggested Middle Level courses are generally from introductory level modules, although intermediate modules may also be used, providing the prerequisites are met.
  • Some modules should not be used in Middle Level survey courses for safety or reasons of developmental appropriateness.
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