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Science 2 Outcomes & Indicators
Life Science: Animal Growth and Changes (AN) All outcomes in this unit contribute to the development of all K-12 science goals.

Physical Science: Liquids and Solids (LS)

Physical Science: Motion and Relative Position (MP)

Earth and Space Science: Air and Water in the Environment (AW)

Outcome: LS2.1

Investigate properties (e.g., colour, taste, smell, shape, and texture) of familiar liquids and solids. [SI]

  1. Pose questions that lead to investigation and exploration of the properties of familiar liquids and solids.

  2. Classify objects in various natural and constructed environments as liquids or solids.

  3. Identify examples of how liquids, in all three states of matter, are used at home, in the school, and throughout their communites.

  4. Interpret safety symbols (e.g., WHMIS and consumer chemical hazard symbols) and labels that are used on hazardous product containers for liquids and solids.

  5. Select and safely use materials and tools (e.g., magnifier, scale, measuring cup, and spatula) to carry out explorations of the observable physical properties of familiar liquids and solids.

  6. Record and compare observable physical properties (e.g., colour, taste, smell, shape, texture, transparency, and ability to adapt to the shape of container) of familiar liquids and solids.

  7. Distinguish between properties of familiar liquids and solids.

  8. Demonstrate that liquids and solids are matter because they have mass and take up space.

  9. Investigate to determine whether properties of familiar liquids and solids depend on factors such as the amount of substance present.

  10. Group or sequence liquids and solids according to one or more observable physical properties (e.g., colour, state, texture, smell, transparency, and buoyancy).

  11. Predict and test changes in characteristics (e.g., shape, colour, and volume) of liquids when they are changed into solids or gases.

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