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Health Education K Outcomes & Indicators
Understanding, Skills, and Confidences (USC)

Decision Making (DM)

Action Planning (AP)

Outcome: USCK.2

Establish behaviours that support safety of self and others (including safety at school and at home).

  1. Develop the language with which to wonder and talk about safety.

  2. Recognize “safe” and “unsafe” behaviours and situations (e.g., taking turns, wearing weather-appropriate clothing, playing in designated areas, walking alone).

  3. Investigate safety guidelines and rules to keep one safe at school and at home.

  4. Learn and practise safety procedures in a variety of school and home contexts.

  5. Identify challenges that may exist to being safe at school and at home (e.g., limited supervision).

  6. Describe what children can do to support the safety of self and others.

  7. Examine what to do if the safety of self or others may be/is jeopardized (e.g., tell a trusted adult, leave, plan ahead).

  8. Participate in a variety of activities that provide opportunities to develop the confidence to support the safety of self and others (e.g., fire drill, wearing a seatbelt, knowing how to lock/unlock a door).

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