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Health Education 5 Outcomes & Indicators
Understanding, Skills, and Confidences (USC)

Decision Making (DM)

Action Planning (AP)

Outcome: USC5.6

Assess peer influence and demonstrate a readiness to prevent and/or avoid potentially dangerous situations involving peer pressure (including lying, substance use, and bullying).

  1. Discuss why peers pressure each other.

  2. Ask questions and seek answers for deeper understanding:

    • Why is peer pressure often more prevalent during adolescence than during any other time in one’s life?
    • How and why does peer pressure change as one gets older?
    • Why can peer pressure be so powerful?
    • How do my thoughts, feelings, and actions influence my peers?
  3. Examine the different levels of pressure (i.e., internal, indirect, direct).

  4. Describe indicators of positive and negative peer pressure (e.g., positive - encourage healthy behaviours, negative - encourage unhealthy behaviours).

  5. Discuss examples of positive and negative peer influence on personal decision making.

  6. Generate and practise possible strategies to avoid/reduce the risk of potentially dangerous/unhealthy/unsafe situations involving peer pressure (e.g., prepare a mental script, listen to your “gut”, plan for possible pressure situations, use possible parental controls as an excuse).

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