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Health Education 1 Outcomes & Indicators
Understanding, Skills, and Confidences (USC)

Decision Making (DM)

Action Planning (AP)

Outcome: USC1.5

Explore the association between a healthy sense of “self” and one’s positive connection with others and the environment.

  1. Use common and respectful language to talk about self and others (e.g., appearance, abilities, gender, behaviours, culture).

  2. Recognize “self” as an individual who has particular physical and inherited attributes (e.g., height, freckles) and particular experiences that may or may not be similar to those of others (e.g., traditions).

  3. Identify factors that influence one’s sense of self (e.g., gender, culture).

  4. Examine similarities and differences in people (i.e., gender, age, appearance, abilities, culture, language) and understand that differences do not make one person or group superior to another.

  5. Begin to understand that every person has value that is not dependent upon her/his appearance, physical characteristics, or behaviours.

  6. Recognize a personal connection to other living things (e.g., gardening - food, love and affection - pets).

  7. Examine stories, traditions, and celebrations of others that foster a sense of self and a connection to others and the environment.

  8. Explore and represent one’s many accomplishments in various authentic activities (e.g., “I can …”).

  9. Illustrate behaviours (e.g., compliments, acknowledgements, asking for more information) that embrace the uniqueness of others.

  10. Illustrate thoughts and behaviours that show a healthy connection to the environment.

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