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English Language Arts 4 Outcomes & Indicators
Comprehend and Respond (CR)

Compose and Create (CC).

Assess and Reflect on Language Abilities (AR)

Outcome: CC4.2

Create a variety of clear representations that communicate straightforward ideas and information relevant to the topic and purpose, including short, illustrated reports, dramatizations, posters, and other visuals such as displays and drawings.

  1. Use a variety of visuals (e.g., chart, diagram) to communicate essential information when making an oral presentation.

  2. Select and use pertinent before, during, and after strategies to communicate meaning when using other forms of representing

  3. Understand and apply cues and conventions including pragmatic, textual, syntactical, semantic/lexical/morphological, graphophonic, and others to communicate meaning when using other forms of representing.

  4. Organize information and ideas in visual and multimedia texts that are clear, meaningful, logical, and illustrative of the topic and are properly labelled and captioned.

  5. Express relevant opinions about experiences (e.g., an incident) through a variety of representations (e.g., multimedia presentation, role play).

  6. Use visual aids (e.g., pictograms, graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, maps, illustrations, movement) to enhance spoken or written products.

  7. Experiment with different ways of representing ideas and sharing them with others (e.g., drama, mime, tableau, dance, music, models, painting).

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