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Arts Education 9 Outcomes & Indicators

Critical/Responsive (CR)

Cultural/Historical (CH)

Outcome: CH9.4

Create interdisciplinary arts expressions individually or through collaboration with peers, and examine the work of artists who create interdisciplinary expressions (e.g., sound and poetry, performance art, audio visual installations).

  1. Identify ways that various arts expressions combine more than one arts discipline.

  2. Examine the impact of technology on interdisciplinary art works (e.g., audio visual installations, performance art).

  3. Examine a variety of new and non-traditional art forms that integrate disciplines.

  4. Investigate connections that exist among the arts, and incorporate more than one art form into own work or collaborative project.

  5. Demonstrate leadership and support peers during collaborative processes.

  6. Critically examine and assess individual work and contributions to collaborative work.

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